Did you enjoy the Animal’s protecting Animals activity? Use this page to explore how different animals can protect other animals, and learn more about the pairs you may have seen during the game.

Listen to Lucy King talk about how animals sometimes help other animals.

Animals that work together

In the matching activity there were lots of pairs of animals that work together for protection. Was there a pair that surprised you? Learn more below.

Meat ants and Caterpillars

Meat ants will often protect other creatures such as caterpillars, but the protection is beneficial to both. The caterpillars make a sugary liquid that the ants love, so by protecting these caterpillars they get a constant supply of sweet treats!

Hornbill and Mongoose

The hornbill and the mongoose work together to warn each other of predators. They will eat together and are able to understand each others warning calls. Often hornbill’s will be seen in the morning waiting near the mongoose nests to go hunting with them – almost like a lunch date!

Yellow nosed Gobi and Pistol shrimp

Pistol shrimp and yellow-nosed gobies will often pair up to protect one another. The pistol shrimp are good at making burrows, however have poor eyesight. The gobies have better eyesight, however are not good at building a burrow. These creatures work together to protect each other, the gobi by keeping watch and the shrimp by building them a home. They communicate using their tails and antennae. This pair are truly a match made in heaven.