Source: A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer

A Plastic Ocean

Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the biggest environmental challenges our world faces. Approximately 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Thousands of seabirds and sea turtles, seals and other marine mammals are killed each year after ingesting plastic or getting entangled in it. In this program, students will learn how media is used to bring people on board with environmental issues.

Group 1: Tue, 12th - Wed, 13th Nov 2024
Group 2: Wed, 13th - Thu, 14th Nov 2024

Year Level: 5-6
ACMI, Melbourne & Ecolinc, Bacchus Marsh

Dinosaur Dynamics & Dinosaur Locomotion

Dinosaur Dynamics has been designed for Years 5-6 high ability students. Palaeontologist and PhD Candidate, Tim Richards,  from the University of Queensland will lead an exciting presentation followed by a Q&A session.   The theme will be what clues do Palaeontologists use to establish how particular dinosaurs moved.

Wed, 28th Aug 2024

Year Level: 5-6
Video Conference